Factoring company “Life” has launched a campaign “1 + 1 = 3”. Factor clients who use the Life Insider service for checking counterparties twice receive the third check completely free of charge. In crisis situations in the economy, payment discipline decreases, and the number of fraudulent schemes and deceptions in all commodity markets increases sharply. Now there is a certain dissonance in the market: debtors try to work as much as possible with deferred payment, while suppliers and manufacturers of products, on the contrary, increasingly prefer to work straight away in “money” in order to avoid the risks of non-payment. Therefore, Life Factoring sees the special relevance of the service for checking contractors for its target audience – companies in the SME segment.

Counterparty verification and analysis is a service for company owners who do not want to “blindly” agree to work with new customers. The professional system of analysis of counterparties “Life Insider” allows you to confidentially check the business reputation of a buyer or partner, and, taking into account the information received, make a decision on the maximum possible size of a commodity loan. The assessment implies an audit from the point of view of economic security, reliability and solvency of the company, thanks to which the entrepreneur can avoid possible risks.

One of the main advantages of the service is simplicity and convenience. Most of the checks are carried out within one day with the provision of recommendations for further cooperation. The promotion, which will last until August 31, 2015, also has the simplest and most affordable conditions familiar to every consumer: you buy a service or product, and you get the next one for free. An entrepreneur can, within the framework of the promotion, make an advance payment of two checks, and then, if the need arises, at any time, use the service three times.

“Life Factoring” gives entrepreneurs confidence in counterparties