The Life Factoring Company has once again received the award as the best financial project of the year in the field of supporting small and medium-sized businesses, becoming a laureate of the Foundation for Growth award. As part of his speech at the award ceremony, which took place on July 6 in Moscow, Life Factoring CEO Viktor Vernov noted that it is in the conditions of the crisis that factoring is only gaining momentum.

If we talk about cost savings, then the company is implementing two key projects – Life.doc and Business Club. Thanks to the Life.doc electronic document management service, SME clients not only get the opportunity to save on clerical costs due to the absence of the need to print invoices, but, first of all, free up their time resources and the resources of their employees, which can now be directed to the development of sales and client service, and not standing in traffic jams and traveling to the factor’s office to simply transfer the originals of documents. The second project – Business Club – creates a comfortable platform for communication and exchange of experience between clients and representatives of various business sectors, due to which new business ties appear and often there is a saving effect,

Under the insurance of risks, Life Factoring does not accept “insurance” in the full sense of the word, but rather taking preventive actions to avoid risk. So, we offer our clients to use our professional system for the analysis and evaluation of counterparties Life Insider, as well as the opportunity to use the Life Guarantee product.

Another product of the company, Retail Analytics, is actively helping to increase sales of customer products. Often, many companies in the SME sector conduct competitive research only at the stage of starting a business, but it is equally important to conduct a periodic snapshot of information on competitors, prices, product display in order to have a complete understanding of how to adapt to constantly changing conditions and trends. As part of this service, the SME company receives a full report on its niche, as well as recommendations for further development and distribution of products.

 While the turnovers of the majority of market players are falling, we keep the bar not lower than the level of 2014. Colleagues in the shop are often interested in how we succeed. The answer is simple and lies on the surface: in this difficult time, we offer our clients something more than just money – we help solve the real problems of their business. I will not reveal all the cards, but I will talk about three main areas: cost savings, risk insurance and sales increase.  

Factoring has proven its effectiveness in a crisis