Every year it becomes more and more difficult for companies to obtain a loan or microfinance from a bank. This process is especially clearly felt by small and medium-sized businesses. This is especially true for trading companies that do not have high-quality collateral and credit history, which are necessary for obtaining loans. Their main asset becomes accounts receivable arising from the shipment of goods with a deferred payment. It is in these cases that factoring is indispensable as a way to obtain timely financing to reduce the company’s cash gaps.

Factoring is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional funding sources. Factoring allows you to increase working capital and helps to increase sales of the manufacturer and supplier of goods.

Factoring is a complex of services that includes financing of deliveries with deferred payment, coverage of credit risks and management of accounts receivable. Why is factoring gaining popularity?

If a company buys or sells goods with a deferred payment and provides a service with deferred payment, then factoring is exactly the financial instrument that allows you to comfortably solve all business problems that arise at one stage or another of the trade and production cycle:

  • Financing a cash gap arising from the granting of a deferred payment
  • Accounts receivable management: tracking and collection of accounts receivable, risk management
  • Insurance of liquid, inflationary, currency and credit risks
  • Information support

How is the factoring market growing in Russia?

Factoring has great potential. According to various rating agencies, the factoring market is growing by an average of 30% every year.

Why Customers Choose Us?

In the factoring market of Russia, Life Factoring has established itself as a reliable partner for small and medium-sized businesses. A wide range of financial solutions, a flexible approach to each client, the highest quality service, speed of decision-making on transactions, transparent rates (without any hidden fees), the possibility of increasing funding limits, simple document flow, risk management of our clients – these are all just a small part of our advantages …

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