Currently, factoring services are among the most demanded for representatives of medium and small businesses. In accordance with Art. 825 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, commercial organizations can act as financial agents in financing agreements against the assignment of a monetary claim. This means that all commercial legal entities are entitled to carry out such activities. In Art. 12 of the Federal Law “On Licensing Certain Types of Activities” dated 04.05.2011 No. 99-FZ lists the types of activities for which legal entities must obtain appropriate licenses. Financing against the assignment of a monetary claim (factoring) and related activities are not included in the specified list. Thus, for the provision of factoring services, a license is not required (there is no need for its registration).

Meanwhile, there are two types of factoring companies on the market today :

  • specialized factoring organizations (some of them formally have a banking license);
  • banks where departments (or other structural units) of factoring are organized.

They may differ in the requirements for customers and the minimum number of debtors with which suppliers cooperate, as well as the amount of funding.

If you require factoring services and want to cooperate with a trusted company, Life Factoring is ready to become your reliable partner. You can get detailed information about working conditions by contacting the phone numbers indicated for your region, or by leaving a request for consultation.

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