Ask a question Why do SMEs choose Life Factoring? What is the main purpose of factoring? What makes factoring different from other funding sources? Why does Life Factoring work only with small and medium-sized businesses? Where can you use Life Factoring services? What makes factoring services truly beneficial? What is the advantage of factoring? Factoring as a method of financing What documents on the current activities of an organization are required for factoring? What is the deadline for the financing How and when are the second payments made? What is invoice verification and why is it needed? What information must be provided for verification? How is the verification process going? What are the results of verification? How does verification affect the funding process? What is a second payment? How is he distributed? How are payments distributed? What payments are in transit? How are transit payments sent? What to do if the purpose of the payment was indicated incorrectly? What are the deadlines for submitting closing documents? How will the paperwork be carried out with our company?

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