Using internet factoring, you don’t have to download, install or configure anything (no technicians required!). All you need is an internet connection and a browser. With us, getting funding is as easy as going online. Any Account in the electronic factoring system has an SSL security certificate (the same as an online bank client).

The main advantages of using the electronic factoring system include the ability to transfer supplies to the client without leaving your office in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other city in Russia; simplification of the transfer of funds; reduction of transport costs associated with the delivery of original documents. Thus, modern technologies can reduce time and money costs, which generally optimizes the work of the company.

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Certificate for the use of Internet factoring

Useful programs for Internet factoring

Modules for preparing registers of invoices from 1C in pdf and txt format.

Registry for 1C v 3.0:

Registry for 1C v 2.0:

The program for manual compilation of the register of invoices v1.1.3.7:

Programs for work in Internet factoring Programs for manual configuration of a computer for work in Internet factoring.

  • eTokenGOST
  • Agava (v.5.25.03)
  • JaCartaGOST

Convenient electronic document management system, which allows you to transfer the process of obtaining financing online and greatly simplifies business.

Links for downloading modules Life.doc:

Links for downloading instructions Life.doc:

Add-on program for 1C for generating reports on accounting accounts.

  • FC Life v.7.7, [RAR archive, 51.8 kB]. Program for preparing financial statements for FC Life from 1C, version 7.7.
  • FC “Life” v.8.1, [RAR archive, 50.7 kB]. Program for preparing financial statements for FC Life from 1C, version 8.1.
  • User manual, [RAR archive, 218.0 kB].
  • Examples of downloads for the bank from demo configurations, [RAR archive, 79.0 kB].

Internet factoring (Electronic factoring) from FG Life