We provide insurance against non-fulfillment by your customers of their obligations under the supply contracts, as well as finance the invoices handed over for service. When using factoring without recourse, the scheme of work remains the same as in the classical recourse, however, in the event of a delay in payment on the part of the buyer, we take on the risk of non-payment. It is important to note that hidden non-recourse factoring is not possible.

Non-recourse factoring includes:

  • financing against the purchase of receivables;
  • covering the risk of non-payment on the part of the buyers transferred to the factoring service.

At present, such a scheme of work is especially relevant, since the market situation is very dynamic, and suppliers do not always have time to monitor the real degree of solvency of their debtors. Using non-recourse factoring gives the supplier the following opportunities:

  • get up-to-date information on the purchasing power of buyers;
  • eliminate the risk of late or incomplete payment for delivery by the debtor;
  • safely expand the sales network;
  • increase sales.

If you are interested in professional factoring services, contact your personal phone manager in Moscow, St. Petersburg or other region. A complete list of cities can be found in the “Contacts” section.

We are ready to bear your risks!

Non-recourse factoring