Life Factoring strives to be as useful as possible for its partners and clients. After all, the key principle of our work is an entrepreneurial approach, so we offer companies not just financing, but become full-fledged partners in doing business.

We conduct master classes and seminars on working with a team, introducing intangible ways of motivation, leadership trainings, brainstorming sessions to solve problems and problems of our clients. Business Club programs are available to Life Factoring cardholders.

Within the club you get:

  • Business development programs, new acquaintances with interesting people. Seminars, master classes and business breakfasts.
  • Save time. Do not waste time on transferring paper documents, for this you will have Life.doc.
  • Saving money. A range of great services at an unimaginably low price. Save money on a lawyer, security service, delivery of documents and other services.
  • Additional service and convenience. 24-hour lawyer. Life.doc – minimum paperwork. Factoring SMS notification.

Join the Life Factoring Business Club:

If you are already a member of the Life Factoring Business Club:

From January 1, 2016 Life Factoring ceases to provide services within the business club:

We make it easier for you to run your business!

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