The guarantee will help you completely eliminate the risk of non-payment of buyers, while you will save on paying commission for factoring financing.

Scheme of work:

  1. After shipment of the goods to the Buyer, you give us the register of invoices and pay the commission for issuing the Guarantee.
  2. In case of non-payment of the Debtor at the end of the deferral period, you notify us and at the same time transfer information about the Factor’s participation in the ADR (administrative management of accounts receivable) to the Debtor.
  3. In case of non-payment of the Debtor after the expiry of the waiting period (from 60 days), you contact us for payment of the Guarantee.
  4. We carry out further work on debt collection from the Debtor independently.

This is how to insure a new car. Important. Simply. Need to.

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