Recourse Factoring

Recourse factoring is the unsecured financing of deliveries on a deferred payment basis. Also know as Regression factoring typically used for non solvent enterpreuner.

Recourse factoring can be used to solve various problems of the supplier, for example, if the debtor refuses or does not want to sign the notification of the transfer of the receivable or change the payment details, the supplier has the opportunity to issue a sole assignment of the right of claim using the hidden factoring option.

To order open factoring services, contact your personal phone manager in Newyork, Atlanta or another region of your interest, or leave a request and we will call you back.

Scheme and working conditions for factoring with recourse

  • We conclude a framework and perpetual General Contract for the provision of recourse factoring services.
  • To obtain funding, you give us the waybills.
  • On the day of receipt of invoices, we finance up to 95% of the amount transferred for financing supplies.
  • Recourse factoring includes a full range of accounts receivable management (ACM) services for all assignable deliveries.
  • When the buyer pays for the delivery in full, we transfer the balance to you minus the recourse factoring service fee.
  • In the event of a late payment on the buyer’s side, we provide an additional 30-60 days grace period during which we systematically interact with the buyer to secure payment for the financed deliveries.

Additional options for open factoring

  • Ability to work on Latent Recourse Factoring (single assignment of receivables claim).
  • A simplified package of documents for obtaining financing of less than 5 million rubles.

Cost of recourse factoring

  • A flat fee for processing each document.
  • Service fee under the open factoring scheme (percentage of the amount owed to the factor).
  • Funding fee (cost of funding for the actual number of days of use)./li>

Our company uses an individual scheme for calculating the rate and cost of factoring. Leave a request or call our phone number in your region to calculate the tariff plan suitable for your company together with a personal manager.

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