Benefits of reverse factoring for the buyer

  • Maximum profit during seasonal peaks due to the use of purchasing factoring.
  • Attractive for new suppliers.
  • Increased loyalty of old and new suppliers.
  • Additional opportunities for expanding the range of goods and working with the best suppliers by financing purchases.
  • The opportunity to receive a 7-10% discount from the Supplier for an advance payment, which will cover your expenses for the Factor’s commission.

Benefits of procurement factoring for the Supplier

  • Financing of purchases for 100% of the delivery amount after submitting the shipping documents to the factoring company.
  • Write-off of receivables after assignment of the claim to the Factor.
  • Improving financial condition, replenishment of working capital.
  • The package of documents provided is minimal if reverse factoring is used.
  • Payment of commission by the buyer.
  • Elimination of the risk of non-payment.

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reverse factoring Advantages